Welcome to Forge Gone Conclusions!

That special day is coming up.

You slightly dread it because you don’t have the perfect present for your loved one.

You are tired of endlessly

browsing websites,

going to stores,

and just finding run-of-the mill gifts.

But what if you could have a memorable piece of jewelry – custom made?

“No- too hard. I don’t know where to start.”

Let us be the light of fire!

We will help you forge through the mystery of jewelry.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Hi! We are Adrienne and Aric – co-owners of Forge Gone Conclusions!

We realized that if you want to change the world, you have to contribute to that change.

Having worked in corporate America, one of us as an engineer and project manager, and one of us as a lab technician, when we were given the opportunity to follow our dreams, we jumped in with both feet.

Aric spent four years training in the jewelry industry just before he left to make his own custom creations.

Adrienne uses her project management knowledge to run the operations of the business.

We are excited to work with you to make a one of a kind piece by forging you custom jewelry from our studio located near Skaneateles, NY!

How Do You Make Custom Jewelry?

Having been trained in the math and sciences, we love to know how things are made. In fact, one of our favorite shows is “How It’s Made.” We also use YouTube quite extensively when doing our own home repair projects especially when it relates to plumbing or electricity.

So, paying it forward, we have our own YouTube Channel that shows how we make each piece of jewelry. Occasionally, you will also see a few videos as it relates to ring resizing or even jewelry repairs.

The two videos below are just a sample of the many videos you can see on our channel!

What Kind of Custom Jewelry Do You Make?

Our styles range from the simplistic (stacker rings) to the goofy (pickleball earrings and pinwheel ring) to the elegant (diamond drop necklace) and anything you can dream of!

Each piece is truly a reflection of the customer and the emotion they are trying to express for the special occasion.

Our biggest requests typically fall into these categories:

  • A birthday or anniversary gift
  • A holiday gift
  • Create complementary pieces for existing jewelry pieces (ex. have necklace and wants earrings)
  • Use customer owned stones in a particular design
  • Unique and special engagement / wedding rings

If you want to see our past creations, check out our Portfolio / Shop page where we show each of the pieces and why it was created!

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Our email list is not like 90% of the other email lists out there– we know– we are on a lot of them!

Honestly, we use those other email lists as inspiration of what not to do. Discounts, sales of the day, buy now… and it goes on and on.

Instead, we treat you as a person and show you what we are up to, our highs, our lows, and everything in between!

So, if you want to follow us along on our journey as we build up our business, you will have the inside scoop of what it really takes to run your own business.

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