Welcome to Forge Gone Conclusions!

Where we “forge” custom fine jewelry!

And by “forge” we mean we can both design and manufacture a one of a kind piece for you.

As a result, we can help you with a lot of different projects!

Our Requests Typically Fall into These Categories:

“I need a milestone birthday or anniversary gift”

“I want a super memorable graduation gift”

“I want you to make my dream piece come to life!”

“I have loose stones sitting in a jewelry box that I want mounted”

“I want to make a matching necklace for these earrings”

“I want to create an engagement / wedding ring set that will always be cherished”

“I want you to replicate this piece that I lost”

And with such a variety of requests, it means that our styles range from the goofy (pickleball earrings and pinwheel ring), to the meaningful (tree of life pendant), to the elegant (diamond drop necklace)

And anything else you can dream of!

Which is why people turn to us for projects!

Because to get one of a kind pieces from a traditional jewelry shop is not their specialty.

But it is ours!

These types of projects take time and love, and because this is our focus, we are able to accommodate any type of special request better than other jewelers.

We hand-fabricate each piece by taking wire and bars of stock and stacking them together like Legos (but in a much more sophisticated way).

If you go to other places for a custom piece, they need to design it in CAD, create a wax model, cast it, clean it, set it, and deliver it, which could easily be a 3 month process.

So, although you won’t see CAD models from us, you will see quicker turn-around times and higher quality pieces that use solid pieces of gold and sterling silver.

And because we are making these pieces ourselves in our own private studio, we provide a personalized video of how your piece is made.

So imagine, you design a piece with us, and give it to your loved one. They open the box, and inside is a beautiful piece and a link to a video. The video starts playing and it shows you and your loved one through the years, enjoying life, with a personalized message of “To the one I love – now and forever.” Tears of joy run down your loved one’s face as they realize just how much effort was spent for this memorable gift.

Which is why we get reviews such as:

24k Curb Chain Bracelet Solid Gold on black background

“Truly cares about her customers and making the process a special experience, which was a gift in itself. I loved how she made a video of the [piece] being made, which made giving the present to my hubby even more awesome. She seriously listened to what I wanted, and she even delivered it to my work for me. It was a tight turnaround, but she got it done…and she even wrapped it for me without asking! My husband said it was his favorite gift he has ever received from me.”

I recently had earrings designed for my wife by Forged Gone Conclusions. The entire process was delightful. Adrienne and Aric sent me a video describing how they made the earrings! They are absolutely beautiful and my wife loves them!! I accrued brownie points with my wife, she loves them so much.

London Blue Topaz Earrings Studs Front View

As you can tell in the reviews, we are fully invested in each and every project. From the initial (and complementary) discussions of what you are looking for all the way to the end, we truly do try to make this a special experience for you.

Which is why our business is a little different from others. We don’t have a storefront because we want to give you our fullest attention (which is hard with people walking into a store all day). As a result, we work by appointment – virtual or in person (if you are in the Central New York region).

And when we meet, we go through a detailed list of questions about what you are thinking. Typically, there are two types of people that come to us.

  1. Either you have a rough idea (pictures, sketches, etc) of something you want and then we go from there.
  2. Or you have no idea what you are looking for, and no idea how to get started. In this case, we work with you to see if you can take a “secret” photo of your loved one’s favorite jewelry pieces to give us an idea of their style. Alternatively, we can provide images of jewelry styles that you can critique so we can get a better idea of where to start.

Once we know the type of style (as well as meaningful details for the project), we typically sketch 1 to 3 designs. That’s where some of our customers face a difficult decision – which design to choose. We have even had customers survey other family members because they love multiple designs and can’t decide themselves!

After the design is chosen, then you get to sit back and relax, and we take it from there. Average turn-around-times are 4-8 weeks depending on workload and complexity.

Although we would love to help everyone, there are some people we are unfortunately unable to do so:

  • You want to choose from a selection of already produced pieces
  • You are looking for a piece to be design and created in less than 2 weeks
  • You are looking for permanent jewelry

One of the best parts about working with us is our blend of creativity and organization. In the past, we have tried to partner with other artisans on a project, and one of the biggest things we found was that organization and responsiveness isn’t necessarily the forte of a true artist. (Just follow my husband around for a day.) But because Forge Gone Conclusions is a husband and wife team, we get to leverage each other’s strengths.

The Jeweler (Aric) not only has over 5 years of hands-on jewelry experience, but lives and breathes creativity every day. From stories to drawings to staging items around the house, he is constantly bubbling with creativity.

Picture of a guy at a jewelry bench looking at the camera
Girl with computer on couch

But, it is the Operations Manager (Adrienne) that keeps the organization and structure to the business. So when we meet with people, they get the blend of both worlds – the creativity and the organization. Which is why people love our designs (and have a hard time choosing) and why people love working with us (because of our responsiveness and attention to detail).

And all that creativity and workmanship can be found in our portfolio of past pieces. We have posted most of our past pieces on the website (which is something you won’t typically see from a small business), which shows you the wide range of our capabilities as well as some of the approximate pricing ranges of each. And many of the pieces have an accompanying video that shows how that piece was made.

But don’t take our word for it. Give us a challenge! We have taken on a variety of requests so far including:

  • Custom cutting and setting black plastic into a heart
  • Creating a pin backing from scratch
  • Professionally setting glass and opals (which is a challenging feat for some jewelers because some take the lazy way out and just glue it.)
  • Using non-traditional materials such ocean stones from a favorite beach spot, a foreign coin from an international vacation, and even porcupine quills
  • Creating animals pieces such as a cardinal, chicken, dog, monkey, and even a bumblebee

So, now that you are ready to work with us, let’s get started!

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