How are Rings Made?

Today we are going to learn how rings are made!

Picture is of an orange ring that has arrows pointing to it that it is hollow.

The ring above was probably formed by casting metal. That process involves melting metal and pouring it into a mold to let it harden. This allows for intricate shapes to be formed.

The arrows point to the fact that the ring is “hollow”. This shows there is significant space on the inside of the ring where there is no metal. Sometimes, rings do have an inner band of metal, but are still hollow. This can usually be felt by the weight of the ring. If the ring feels light for its size, there is a good chance it is hollow. If one was to cut the ring in half, there would be empty space.

Picture shows two wedding rings. These are fully formed and show they are solid.

These two rings were hand formed by Forge Gone Conclusions. This process involves taking stock metal bars and forming them by hand into circle shapes. This is considered a “solid” ring because there is solid metal. If one was to cut it in half, there would be metal throughout the rings.

Let us know your thoughts. Are you wearing a hollow or solid ring right now? Would you prefer one over another?

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