What do the markings on jewelry mean?

Today we are going to discuss what the markings on jewelry mean!

If you have a class ring, go grab it! Class rings typically have a good example of markings. 

A piece of jewelry will show the maker (Jostens) as well as what the jewelry is made out of (14K gold). 

Picture of a class ring that has Jostens and 14K written on it.

Forge Gone Conclusions also marks their pieces! This is the dog pendant that we made. If you look closely, it has 925 (Sterling Silver) and 14K (gold). It also has AP20 which represents the maker and the year. 

Picture of a dog pendant that has markings on the back. It shows 925, 14K, and AP20.

Even good chains have markings! This is the chain for the dog pendant. It has MSCO (the maker) and 925 (Sterling Silver). 

Necklace clasp that shows markings. It has MSCO and 925.

Why is Sterling Silver marked as 925?
In case you are wondering, sterling silver is marked as 925 because the definition of sterling silver is that it must be made with at least 92.5% silver. Pure silver is soft, so typically other metals are added in to harden it. Sometimes, old silver jewelry was made with a higher concentration and might be marked as 999 which means that it is at least 99.9% silver. 

What are your markings on jewelry?

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