Dancing In the Rain!

It was a cold rainy day as I went to our local cafe (Good Eats) to grab a copy of Skaneateles Life, but my spirits were sunny. As I walked down the deserted streets of Skaneateles, I felt like Gene Kelly as he danced down the streets in the musical “Singing in the Rain.” Why? This is our first publication for Forge Gone Conclusions! To many people, this may not be a big deal, but to us, we are super excited! In just 5 months, we went from having a barely functional website and no social media presence to having a foundation built and being featured in a magazine! And in “Singing In the Rain”– the times were a changing- the movie industry was changing from silent films to talkies. And here at Forge Gone Conclusions, we are going to be doing the same in the next few months! We will be moving from just showing you what we do through still pictures to being front and center to show you live footage of how things are made and answer any questions you may have along the way! So, we hope you will join and dance with us as we go a “Singing in the Rain!”

(And a special shout out to Bob and Aline Moses, the most amazing and loving publishers of Skaneateles Life! Thanks for giving us this chance!!!!)

Article about Forge Gone Conclusions in Skaneateles Life Magazine March 2021

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