Jewelry Prevention Tips

Today we are going to provide some “Jewelry Prevention Tips” to help you out! The follow are what to do when…

My Ring is Stuck On My Finger!

Don’t let it get to this point! Due to insurance and safety reasons, jewelers do not have the ability to remove rings!
Prevention Step 1 – Remove rings daily to make sure they still go on and off
Prevention Step 2 – If it is starting to get stuck, have it resized
Prevention Step 3 – If it is on your finger, soak your finger in cold water, and use an oil or detergent to try to remove it
Last Resort – This unfortunately requires a visit to the Emergency Room where they will cut it off and potentially destroy the piece in the process

My Finger is Turning Green!

This is due to a reaction of your skin with copper. 
Prevention Step – Before you buy a piece of jewelry, review the composition. Yellow gold and rose gold will more commonly have copper added to it

My Jewelry is Causing a Rash!

This could be due to 2 main reasons

1. Similar to turning your finger green, if it is causing a rash, it could be an allergy to a metal. One of the more common ones is a nickel allergy
Prevention Step – Before you buy a piece of jewelry, review the composition. White gold will more commonly have nickel added to it

2. If you have a buildup of gunk on your jewelry, especially in divots and recesses, you are harboring a variety of bacteria in your jewelry
Prevention Step – Clean your jewelry regularly using soap and water. Do not use soap and water on pearls, opals, or coral

I Lost a Stone!

The more frequently the jewelry is worn, the more attention it will need. Prongs will wear down over time, causing stones to fall out
Prevention Step 1 – If you wear a piece frequently, bring it in every couple of years for review to make sure the stone is still tight in the setting
Prevention Step 2 – The prongs may have to be re-tipped or replaced

Hope you enjoyed these jewelry prevention tips and tricks!!

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