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How important is it to truly buy in person “jewelry near me”, especially in the day of the internet age? Let’s explore the advantages of both shopping in person and shopping on-line!

Shop in person

There are definitely benefits to shopping in person. Some of these will be explored below.

Full in-store shopping experience

If you like the full in-store shopping experience, then buying in person is for you. A computer or phone can’t replace the sights and sounds of a traditional retail store. There are sales associates and other customers that can recommend, provide suggestions, and overall make it a fun experience.  

Feel and touch before buying

A large portion of the in-store shopping experience also revolves around the fact that you can feel and touch before buying the product. This allows you to see exactly how it looks in person, how it looks on, and examine the details.

Easier to choose

In some cases, it might be easier to choose where to go and what to get. There are only a limited number of “jewelry stores near me” and as a result, if you struggle with making decisions, your options of both the stores and the available stock is potentially reduced considerably.

Shop On-line

Access to specialized jewelry

Hands-down, we have been able to find extremely specialized and niche products easily on the internet. When shopping for a bed, we were super particular and ended up buying a hand-made futon mattress from Japan. When shopping for jewelry, I have also seen extremely niche jewelry makers- ones that only use Herkimer diamonds, ones that only use forks and spoons, ones that that only paper, etc. These jewelry makers are across the US, and I never would have found them without the internet.

In terms of custom jewelers, there are two that we love to follow- Bobby White and Patrick Adair. These two individuals also produce specialized jewelry and have their own Youtube Channels. They are seen as the go-to in their fields.

Easier to access

When running an on-line business, it is often easier to access jewelry on-demand. If a jeweler has on-line store, shopping can truly be done 24/7. Because we are an on-line store, we meet with clients virtually on nights and weekends, often at times when traditional jewelry stores are closed. This makes it easier for the customer because they aren’t trying to fit in an appointment during prime daytime hours.

Easier to Shop Based on Values

When shopping on-line, it is easier to shop based on values vs walking into a traditional “jewelry store near me.” The reason is that it is sometimes easier to see what the jeweler believes in through the “About” page of the jeweler which typically has some personal interests and reason for starting the business, and more. You can not only see what they have to offer, but you can learn much more about the jeweler. For us, our values of “forging relationships, forging memories, forging jewelry” are incredibly important and show that we care about our customers. Many of the emails we send out reflects one of those three topics.

Jewelry Near Me

 As presented, both shopping in stores “near me” and shopping on-line has different advantages. If you are interested in working with us for custom fine jewelry, feel free to reach out! We would love to help create a special piece for you and your loved one!

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