A Custom Engagement Ring

Picture of an engagement ring with green emeralds and a white moissainite stone

The sky was overcast, but our spirits were soaring. Walking into the baseball stadium, we knew there was going to be a proposal that night with our custom engagement ring, but we didn’t know exactly when.

Watching a baseball game is extremely challenging when you know that a proposal will happen. You miss parts of the game wondering how the guy who is going to proposal is feeling, whether the girl is going to expect anything, and how it will all play out. There are also the moments when you are praying the rain holds off because you don’t want the night (or game) ruined by rain.

And then it was— during the 6th inning.

We watched as the couple is invited up on the dugout roof.

The scenario—she is going to win a prize if she can play a game of charades well enough.

And the announcer starts to announce the game rules….


You see as the announcer is desperately trying to get one of the two mics to work.

And our hearts are racing, and although we can’t tell from watching the guy, we can only image what he is thinking and feeling.

And then there is that moment, the unsuccessful attempts to get the mics to work and the game must continue on, so they leave the dugout stage to try to figure out next steps.

The intensity is too much for us to bare at this point. We are a nervous wreck and now we are watching as they have to change the game plan.

After a little while, and some tech support, they decide to try again at the bottom of the 7th inning.

This time, they get back up on the dugout stage and the microphones are working!!!!

We resume the game of charades—

First word—Cat

Second word—Airplane

Third word- “Will you marry me?”

And in the traditional fashion, he gets down on his knees and pulls out the ring that we designed and manufactured just for him and his now fiancée.

And even though we had an hour drive back home, we were on an adrenaline high the rest of the night, just like that happy couple!!!

Cheers and Best Wishes to the happy couple! May their lives be filled with joy and happiness!!!

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