A Eulogy to our Beloved Ultrasonic / Steamer

Picture of a ultrasonic / steam cleaner for jewelry that is for the post called "A Eulogy to our Beloved Ultrasonic / Steamer"

A little while ago, we gave a eulogy to our beloved ultrasonic / steamer machine. It was a two in one machine that did both functions. This is crucial to our business because this is what makes the jewelry really sparkle (after the final polish). The first operation is always the ultrasonic bath, which shakes off the small particles on the jewelry. It is made up of dish soap and water (we are eco friendly)! The second operation is the steamer which is a directed blast of hot air that pressure washes the jewelry.

Being such a critical part of our processes, we had purchased it years ago even when we weren’t doing much. It saw the rings and necklaces of family and friends, our very early creations, and the first 6 months of us truly being in business.

But, it was never really designed for heavy use, and after many ultrasonic baths and many steaming shots, we had to unfortunately say our goodbyes to each other.

So in a sense, it is like a tricycle- it helped us get started and carried us through our early days. But, as we grew up, we had to upgrade to a two-wheeled bicycle that will help us go the distance and really provide quality product moving forward.

In case you are wondering, we now have two separate devices- a standalone ultrasonic and steamer.

So the final words in our eulogy to our beloved ultrasonic / steamer – thanks for all the cleanings! You will be missed, but always remembered!

If you are looking custom jewelry, look no further! Check out some of past work, and if you are interested in custom jewelry, feel free to contact us!

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