The Gems of the State Fair

Picture of a fairground with tents and rides for the article Gems of the Fair

For two years, we haven’t been able to attend the New York State Fair. So, instead, we will pay tribute by highlighting the “Gems of the State Fair.”

The “Garnets”

Garnets are plentiful and inexpensive. As a result, the winner for this category is the Dairy Building at the fair. Just like garnets, the dairy building has a lot of options to choose from- ice cream cones, hot beef sundaes, and off course, the prized 25-cent milk. And just as the food is plentiful, the butter is abundant as the Dairy Building houses a life-size butter sculpture each year.

The “Pearls”

Pearls always have a flair of class to them. So, as a result, the Arts and Home Center is the winner of the pearl category. In this building, one can see the workmanship of many different crafts- sewing, woodworking, quilting, scrapbooking, and of course, jewelry making. The nice part about this building is that it has categories for all ages- from the youth all the way to the senior citizens. Just like pearls are timeless, the Arts and Home Center is timeless.

The “Aquamarine”

Aquamarine gets its name from water, and as such, the many different live performances (both water based and non-water based) wins this category. The two water based ones that come to mind are the “WaterBark” show as well as the New York State Police Underwater Recovery Team.’ But, there are so many more shows that aren’t water based, including one of our favorite- Hilby the Skinny German Juggle Boy. And just like water that can suck you in if you aren’t careful, many of these live performance can capture your attention and suck you into the performance!

The “Ruby”

The most prized part of the fair- the food – has earned the coveted Ruby category just as rubies have been prized gems through the years. It would probably be extremely rare to not have attended the fair and sampled from one of the multitudinous food stands at the fair. Whether you are looking for the newest deep fried treat, or wanting to eat an international dish, or maybe the fair favorites such as sausage and peppers; there is definitely some available for all tastes.

And with that, we have concluded our awarding of the “Gems of the State Fair.” Hopefully next year we will be able to attend in person once again!

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