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Logo of Moon Rabbit Press - A Rabbit that has stars around it -  Rochester, NY . In honor of the artisans summit - Moon Rabbit Press

This post is features one of our participants for the upcoming Artisans Summit – Moon Rabbit Press. It also relates how we had sighted the “rabbit in the moon” twice this week.”

This is extremely surprising because I don’t remember hearing about a rabbit in the moon before.

The most I knew about the moon as a child is that moon is cookie (thanks Cookie Monster) and it is also made of cheese.

First appearance – Moon Rabbit Press

When filming for the artisans summit, I asked the owner of “Moon Rabbit Press” how she came up with the name of her business.

She said she had two rabbits when she was younger, but she also was intrigued by the folklore story of the rabbit in the moon.

Second appearance – “Over the Moon”

The second appearance of the rabbit in the moon happens when you let your husband pick a movie to watch.

Somehow, we ended up watching the Netflix movie “Over the Moon,” which is based on an old folklore about Chang’e who has a companion rabbit, and they live on the moon waiting for her lover.

(Ironically, when looking for more information on the folklores about the moon rabbit, I found this article that talks about how the moon rabbit saved the people from plague many many years ago. Maybe we need the moon rabbit to visit us. In the article, there are also other stories of moon rabbits if you are interested.)

Those were our two recent encounters with the moon rabbit. 

Our Artisans Summit

Want to see a preview of Moon Rabbit Press for the Summit? Watch the video below! Information about the summit, including a link to sign up is also listed below the video!

The Bespoke Art & Craftsmanship Virtual Summit event begins on Friday, October 15th and concludes Sunday, October 24th. Each day the summit will feature a video visit to a different working studio. How things are made as well as how each artisan got started will be featured. 

Learn about- 

Fabrics destined for the landfill are made into durable tote bags – Rhinestone Lifestyle

Bicycles destroyed beyond use find a new home as niche creations – Upcycling4ACause

A blacksmithing hobby turned into professional jewelry making – Forge Gone Conclusions

The old tradition of typeset and paper printing lives on into modern times – Moon Rabbit Press

Larger than life ceramic creations are made for home gardens –  The Studio

Animal greeting cards that make everyone smile – The Memorable Image

Sign up at:

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