How to Get Custom Made Jewelry

How to get custom made jewelry - picture of a jewelry with tweezers helping out a customer with their jewelry and evaluating it

Today, we are going to explain our process on how to get custom made jewelry. This will detail what you can expect at each stage of the process when working with us.

First Stage – Defining the Style

In order to create the custom jewelry piece, it is important to understand the style that the recipient tends to be attracted to and using that as a basis. For example, if the recipient likes big, chunky jewelry, then the custom piece can be bold. But, if the recipient has jewelry with small stones and minor embellishments, then the custom piece would probably reflect something in that style.

Second Stage – Defining the Piece

Once the desired style is known, then we can start defining the actual piece. Sometimes, individuals can present an idea that they already have and we can start working with it. Other times, they may not even know what they want. In this case, we sometimes use examples in the marketplace (such as from our supplier) just to understand the types of characteristics they are looking for. Typically, we also narrow down the color of the metal as well as the number and type of stones that they are interested in.

Third Stage – Creating Sketches

Once we have an idea of what the piece might look like, we create sketches to work through with you. We typically provide a few sketches that show the jewelry piece so you can get an idea of what to expect as a finished custom made jewelry piece. The type and amount of sketches depend on the individual and can range from a very simple drawing to sketches that show different sides of the piece.

Fourth Stage – Proposal and Deposit

After the sketches have been agreed upon, we do a formal proposal that lists all the materials that will be used in the piece. It will typically have the types and sizes of stones, the type of metal, the final sketch of the piece, and any other relevant information. At this point, we require a deposit to begin the actual construction of the custom jewelry piece.

Fifth Stage – Manufacturing

Based on the number of projects in queue as well as if there is a specific event that the piece is needed for, we will hand manufacture your piece in roughly the order it was received. Actual manufacturing could be anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks depending on what is involved.

Six Stage – Delivery

The last stage of the process is the delivery of the custom jewelry piece. We take pictures and send them to the you before we deliver the piece (unless of course it is a surprise)! We also typically share a video of the process with you and the recipient so you can see how that individual piece was created. And lastly, we typically also gift wrap each piece so that it is ready to go to the recipient!

This is our process of how to get custom made jewelry. If you are interested in your own custom jewelry piece, reach out to us!

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