Bike Chain Art (Artisans Summit Participant)

Table with a bicycle wheel and spokes to represent the work of the bike artist who works creates bike chain art

Rob Niederhoff, who owns upcycling4acause, enjoys making bike chain art and creating a variety of line art and 3D art. This blog post is dedicated to him as part of our upcoming virtual artisans summit.

We met in the most random way. We went into an art collective store in Syracuse because I was evaluating the artisan work to see if any would be a good fit for the upcoming artisans summit. I immediately fell in love with his work—he used bike parts to make artwork. So, I took his card.

This art collective store is two stories, so we headed down to the basement to see what was there. And there was more of his work—a table and chairs made out of bike parts. I was ecstatic!!! Who makes a table and chairs out of a bike???

And so, I went to the guy working in the basement and started commenting about the bike artwork- how unique and original it was. And that is when I found out I was actually talking to the originator- Rob – the Bike Artist. He creates many different types of artwork all out of bicycle chain- hence the bike chain art. Which is very interesting because he only works there a few times a month. And today happened to be one of those days.

So, he was immediately recruited for the summit.

This week, I had the pleasure of filming him for our summit. The enthusiasm he has for life and his craft is contagious and I can’t wait for his film to be finished. He goes above and beyond to reuse every single part of a bike- including parts I didn’t even know existed on a bike. From chain-link sculptures to tire rim Christmas wreaths, his creativity is endless.

As a reminder, we do custom fine jewelry, but occasionally like to showcase other artisans and other highlights of our business! If you are interested in a piece, feel free to contact us!

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