Artisan Summit Recap

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What a week it was last week and we are going to do a quick artisan summit recap for you! For those of you who may not know, we put on the Bespoke Art and Craftsmanship Summit! We went behind the scenes into their studios to show you how they make their crafts and also a little more about their businesses.

This was the quick run-down and also the highlights from each of the films-

Rhinestone Lifestyle

Joanie from Rhinestone Lifestyle is on a mission to make sure that people don’t have boring bags. She uses furniture fabric destined for the landfill and makes heavy duty bags. She is also expanding her offerings and trying out new designs such as backpacks, pencil cases, scrubs, and more! Her video featured her sewing up a storm on her sewing machine, the stories of her early sewing days, and the different types of sewing supplies (needles, cutting tools, etc) that enable her to make her creations.


Rob from UpCycling4ACause started his business to originally help out orphans. From there, he grew his business to help others as well and promote the importance of bike transportation and bike culture. He donates a portion of his profits to charity. Besides the philanthropic side of his business, his artwork also helps to save the environment as he uses discarded bikes to make all his creations. He makes both 2D bike chain artwork as well as 3D creations and his desire is to get into the kinetic side of artwork also.

The Studio – Rochester, NY

Sharon from The Studio is always helping others. Whether it is teaching them how to have a successful business, create ceramics, or follow their dreams, Sharon is skilled at creating artwork pieces and bringing out the best in people. Her video featured a garden sculpture creation – blending both clay and metal pieces to make something unique and colorful to add interest to the garden. And just like there are a variety of plants that add interest, Sharon’s pieces are just as varied!

Moon Rabbit Press

Chris from Moon Rabbit Press is preserving the time old tradition of type setting and printing. The rows of printing presses transport you back to a different time period. She not only uses type, but she hand carves artwork images and creates colorful and witty prints to make you smile and laugh. Her business got started when she was looking for an outlet for more creativity and passion in her life (which she wasn’t finding at her day job).

The Memorable Image

Jamie from The Memorable Image is capturing everyday scenes through the use of animals and photography. But they aren’t wild animals, they are models of animals that are staged in whimsical poses with different sayings to make you laugh and smile. Her passion for photography has been with her throughout her life and the ability to catch the perfect shot is her expertise.

CNY Arts

As part of our artisan summit, we also featured CNY Arts which is a local organization that helps to promote artists and art organizations in Central NY. We had the opportunity to interview Steve Butler about CNY Arts where he shared with us his passion for the arts.

Our Thanks – Artisan Summit Publicity

As part of this, we want to express our deep thanks for all those who supported this endeavor. It was a huge undertaking, and we appreciate everyone’s support. We also want to give a shout out to for their article (which you can read here) and the interview with Ted and Amy from 93Q (which you can find here for the October 8, 2021 edition).

So, if you missed the artisan summit, feel free to contact us directly- – and we will add you to the list for any summits we may have in the future!

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