Greater Liverpool Chamber Business of the Month

Greater Liverpool Chamber Business of the Month December 2021 logo

We WON The Greater Liverpool Chamber Business of the Month for December!!!

Why is this significant?

Partly because this was a long shot. If you are local to the Syracuse region, Speach Candy Company and Hayden Jewelers are household names. They are multi-generational businesses that have well established roots in the area. It is also pretty ironic, that in addition to Hayden there was even another jewelry business on the list. Which means, we beat two other jewelry businesses on that list!

And who are we?

We are a business that is just over 1 year old, have a very small customer base, and is no where close to being a household name. Heck, if people can even get the complete name of the business – Forge Gone Conclusions – we are doing well!!!

So, when they announced that we won, I was a little shocked!!!

And deep down, this energizes us to continue on this journey.

To make people smile – whether it is the designs we create, the pieces we make, the handwritten notes we often create, or maybe an entertaining social media post here or there.

And we couldn’t have done it without your support! To all those who voted for us—thank you!!!

That small action of taking 2 minutes out of your day to hit the “vote” button means a lot to us!!!

So, where do we go from here?

Well, all the 2021 MONTHLY winners are now in the running for Business of the YEAR!

Again, this is a long shot, but we had a blast with the first go around.

So, we are looking to you to help us upgrade this Chamber relationship from the finance relationship (Liverpool Chamber Business of the Month) to the married life (Liverpool Chamber Business of the Year).

And if you have been following us on Facebook or Linkedin, we already have ideas for a whole new set of posts to help try to get there!

Looking for an unique piece of custom jewelry? If so, contact us!

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