Blaze Chicago Field Museum

Blaze Chicago Field Museum picture by Steve Wagner
Blaze by Steve Wagner – Photo-grafx –

In order for this story to make any sense, you first have to understand what is Blaze Chicago Field Museum.
Playing off the idea of fire, Blaze is this magnificent piece of jewelry housed in the Field Museum in Chicago.
It “features a 97.45 carat ruby topaz gem set in rose gold and surrounded with three-dimensional gold flames that are studded with diamonds.” This piece is stunning and eye catching.
Now for the story-
When we were in Chicago 8 years ago, we happened to go to the Field Museum and stumble across this piece.
Ever since, we have joked around about making different versions of Blaze using different stones and calling it different things.
Fast forward to last week.
I speed network with a NYC group.
They are called Winning on Wednesday because they meet every Wednesday.
I love it because it attracts about 70 people each week and it is extremely fast pace.
In one hour, everyone on the call is introduced, we have 4 breakout sessions with 4 people to a group, and do thank yous and announcements at the end.
Talk about efficient!
In one of my sessions last week, I ended up in a group with a product photographer! He has a couple of specialties, but one of them is jewelry.  
But the ironic part to this whole story is when I went to his website to check out his work.
One of the very first pictures on his website was a picture of Blaze, and at that point, my jaw immediately dropped.
As I thought to myself, the chances of me meeting a product photographer specializing in jewelry was probably about 1%, but the chances of me meeting a product photographer who has a picture of a piece we were obsessed with was 0.0000001%.
So, I took it as a sign that I had to speak with him to learn more about his business.
And long story short, he is a pretty awesome guy that has a really cool background.
He also gave me some tips and tricks about photographing jewelry to make it really stand out.
So, expect even better photographs coming out over the next few months and year.
So, can jewelry united people from different parts of the country, with different backgrounds?
Absolutely! Just look at the spark that this Blaze has started!

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