Influential Women’s Event Syracuse

Table Set up showing jewelry and rings at a vendor fair at the Influential Women's Event Syracuse

We were excited to be showcasing at the Influential Women’s Event on April 24, 2022 at the Syracuse Marriott.

But when I saw the weather forecast for sun and an 80 degree day (the first one of the year), I knew it was going to make for interesting times.

Especially since the event was going to be held indoors…and even we did not want to attend.

But regardless, we pushed on and set up our glorious booth. And then we waited….

And maybe, 40 attendees came by in the six hours we were there….

My heart truly does go out to the organizer because she had the venue, she had about 50 vendors, and she had a full-line up of speakers for the day.

She had attracted vendors and speakers from literally across New York State- Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Binghamton, and even New York City.

She even had Mrs. NY and Ms. US International there who were speaking!

But the weather was the true winner of the true beauty competition that day as people opted for time outside vs attending the event.  

And so we made lemonade!

We started talking to the other vendors at the event and learned about their life stories.

We talked to a social worker and engineer that were selling Thirty One Bags.

We talked to our CBD neighbor who related her story of her daughter having problems with pierced earrings due to infections and allergies to metals and I gave her some pointers.

We talked to a high school biology teacher selling cosmetics to show that she could replace her former husband’s income herself.

And although I only heard bits and snippets from the speakers, they were truly remarkable in their own ways.

No matter what wall was put in front of them, they climbed over it, went around it, punched through it, or maybe even teleported through it to keep pursuing their path and their dreams.

Because they truly knew their dream was worth it and nothing was going to stop them.

And despite the low attendance, we left there flying high with the connections and inspirations we had gained that day.

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