How a Bathroom Sink is Like Our Business

Picture of a Sink that is a three in one. It has soap, water, and a dryer all on one bar. Written for the blog post about how a bathroom sink is like our business

How a Bathroom Sink is Like Our Business – I went to a business event this week, and I was amazed by the bathroom sink in the facility. Normally, sinks don’t really attract my attention, but this sink was different. It was a three-in-one operation that you don’t typically find in small-town life.

It has all three items- the water, soap, and a dryer all on one bar and is over the basin of the sink.

And what I really like about the sink is that it eliminates all of the typical problems in the bathroom – having to search for soap and the drier locations, keeps the floors clean and dry, and it is just fun to use.

As an Industrial Engineering, this is right up my alley. Industrial Engineers love to streamline processes and remove waste because it makes for an easier time and increases productivity. So, I when I saw the design, I feel in love with it.

(And to be fair – I took a picture of the sink long before I decided to write about it. And in fact, this sink was a topic of conversation of the event as another person mentioned—“did you check out that sink in the bathroom???”)

So, how does this relate to the jewelry realm of Forge Gone Conclusions?

Because most of our processes are also streamlined just like the sink.

And you as the customer reap the benefits. Because you get a piece that was design and created just for you from the very beginning of the process all the way to the end. As well as a customized video that shows the entire process of how it was made.

And just link how that sink design is brilliant, yet a rare find, that is the same with us. Our work is stunning, yet not well-known. So, if you want to help us out this week, feel free to spread the word to others of what we are up to!

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