About Us

We aren’t your typical jewelers.

We are two slightly eccentric millennials with a passion to carry on the traditional craftsmanship of jewelry making.

But, we also bridge the world of technology and modern advances.

So, we when you combine the two, you get a fun and memorable experience.

Picture of a jeweler that is playing with metal and creating sparks
Picture of two jewelers - shows a girl in a blue dress and a guy in a blue shirt

So who are we?

We are a husband (Aric) and wife (Adrienne) team that has decided to take their relationship to the next level by not only being romantic partners, but also business partners.

Most of the content you see (website, social media, videos) is produced by myself (Adrienne – think of Rocky and “Yo Adrian”). I focus on the business and operations side of the business. Which means I handle the marketing, legal, finance, and project management aspects. I also write weekly emails about what we are up to and send them out on Sundays.

Aric (pronounced Eric), on the other hand, is the artist. He has a natural talent of being able to see things in his mind’s eye and then bring them to life. There aren’t a lot of jewelers that can both design and manufacture, so he is one of the few.

Our romantic relationship started in college where we met. Fate placed us in the same dorm for all four years of college. And although we met freshman year, we didn’t start dating until junior year.

What jewelry experience do you have?

In our earlier days, we both dabbed in jewelry. I would make beaded creations – mostly necklaces and ornaments.

Aric’s experiences focus more on metalworking in general. His hobby was blacksmithing and he would make knives in his backyard. But when his heart was stolen, he made me a chainmail necklace using shells from the seashore to show me his love. (See image.)

After college (and a few different occupations), Aric became an apprenticed jeweler at a well know corporation (psst he went to Jarad) and learned how to both repair and create jewelry pieces from an amazing mentor. He went on to learn the trade for 4 years before leaving to join Forge Gone Conclusions full-time.

About us at Forge Gone Conclusions- picture of a handmade necklace with seashells

How are you different?

We take a different approach to jewelry. We both worked in corporate life and we have seen incredible wastes with mass manufacturing – producing for the sake of producing and shortcuts in quality.

So, early on in our business, we decided to go 100% made to order.

If we don’t have a customer, we aren’t manufacturing. And this type of model has proven invaluable because now we can focus more on you as a customer.

We are able to spend the time working with you to create a design that you love (instead of forcing you into a stock piece), and we can add personalized touches to your pieces (including a personalized video of how your piece was made)!

What about your materials?

We use top-of-the line materials for our projects. Our primary supplier (Stuller) is an extremely well-known and reputable supplier for stones and precious metals. Many of the jewelers in the United States use this company as one of their main vendors.

Our stones are ethically and professionally sourced and we cater to the type of stone you want. So, if you want a natural stone (mined from the earth) or created stone (grown in a lab) we can source both types. The stones are graded for color and appearance as well as sorted for size.

Our metals are 100% certified recycled. And we are proud to help out with the recycling efforts. In most cases, if you work with us for a repurposing project, we can recycle the metal from the old setting and credit you money towards your project.

Cluster Earrings Close up 2

Where are you located?

We are located in Central New York (with our mailing address based out of Skaneateles, NY). Physically, we can service a wide variety of areas including (Syracuse, Auburn, Skaneateles, Seneca Falls, Geneva, Rochester, Manlius, Cazenovia, Utica, Rome, Oswego, Cortland, Ithaca, and Binghamton). But, with those advances in technology, we have worked with people across the country including most of New England (Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts), the Eastern Shore (including down to Florida) and as far west as Alaska!

How do people find out about you?

We utilize a lot of different avenues. Our favorite happens to be going to fairs / festivals to spread the word directly. We have showcased at both juried and non-juried shows including the New York State Fair, MacKenzie Childs Artisan Craft Show, and even the Maker Faire.

We also have been published in the The Citizen, The Skaneateles Press, Syracuse Women, and Skaneateles Life.

Lastly, we are actively involved in our community and have joined multiple chambers and groups in the area.

The Fair 2022 - Picture of a Booth Setup with picture frames of past work

How did you get started? / How did you get the name Forge Gone Conclusions?

Ah – well, that is detailed out in our first email! So, if you want to learn even more about us and follow us on the journey (because you got this far), sign up for our email list! We aren’t like the big chains that send you constant ads (because those are annoying), but rather, we will continue to share more about ourselves and how our business is growing!