About Us

As special occasions comes around, we always struggle. What is a meaningful gift? One that is worth its value? One that shows how much we care? Something that supports small businesses? Many times, we default to cultural outlets or unique food providers. But for those extra special events, we forge a unique piece of jewelry to show our love.

Let us introduce ourselves– we are a husband (Aric) and wife (Adrienne) team that met while studying engineering and the sciences at college. We provide handmade jewelry in the Syracuse, NY / Skaneateles, NY area. When Aric was shopping for an engagement ring, he spent hours researching diamonds and businesses. Ideally, he wanted to make the ring himself, but lacking the skills, he turned to a local jeweler that created it just for him. He vowed that some how, some way, he would make his bride a ring some day.

About us at Forge Gone Conclusions- picture of a handmade necklace with seashells

Throughout the years, we have been gifted jewelry that has extra special meaning to us. For example, an add-a-pearl necklace that developed through the years to commemorate birthdays, religious milestones, and was finally completed for graduation. There is also a pocket watch gifted for earning a bachelor’s degree. And a piece that shows an expression of true love is Aric’s handmade chainmail necklace with a heart formed from shells from the seashore designed for Adrienne.

And although the arts have always been important through us, through a series of job circumstances, life first said to the husband- go be a jeweler and learn to make a ring for your wife. And a while later, life said to the wife – go manage the business and operations side of things. And if life/the universe/God calls, you have to take that leap of faith to help others create their own joy and memories!

Peace, love, joy and happiness to you!

~Adrienne – Leader and Speaker of Forge Gone Conclusions

~Aric – Designer and Forge Master of Forge Gone Conclusions

Who Do We Support?

We believe that everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. These are our favorite organizations we love to support–

And some of our personal interest groups

We also love sharing our talents with other groups. If you want a live virtual jewelry demonstration, contact us at support@fgconclusions.com to set something up!