COVID-19 drawing of a virus, handsketched
Stay safe out there everyone!

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), services, supplies, and shipping may be effected.

We will endeavor to try our best for our customers. Each day is an opportunity to help you with your jewelry needs.

Our Stance on COVID-19-

We value your health and wellness! We know these are trying times for everyone. Whether it is difficulties of the virus itself, or the change of lifestyles, this hasn’t been easy on anyone. We wish you health and safety to you and your loved ones!

As required by law, we will follow any mandatory rules as well as any best practices. As things change, we will try our best to implement those changes as quickly as possible.

New York Forward!

We are a New York business and as such, we are providing the link to information about the situation. Check out for more information about businesses in New York State in regards to Covid-19.


We are always willing to use technology and photos to exchange ideas. We also provide free shipping to places in the United States!

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