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Picture of a Sink that is a three in one. It has soap, water, and a dryer all on one bar

How a Bathroom Sink is Like Our Business

How a Bathroom Sink is Like Our Business – I went to a business event this week, and I was amazed by the bathroom sink in the facility. Normally, sinks don’t really attract my attention, but this sink was different. It was a three-in-one operation that you don’t typically find in small-town life. It has … More How a Bathroom Sink is Like Our Business

Table Set up showing jewelry and rings at a vendor fair at the Influential Womens Event Syracuse

Influential Women’s Event Syracuse

We were excited to be showcasing at the Influential Women’s Event on April 24, 2022 at the Syracuse Marriott. But when I saw the weather forecast for sun and an 80 degree day (the first one of the year), I knew it was going to make for interesting times. Especially since the event was going … More Influential Women’s Event Syracuse

Diamond Cluster Ring Front View

Happy Mother’s Day 2022!

To all the Mothers / Moms / Grandmothers / Nanas / Aunts and to all those who show their love to others – Happy Mother’s Day 2022! And today, we express our love to all through words and photos. Think of it like a poem 🙂 A Mother’s Love A Mother’s Love is Like a … More Happy Mother’s Day 2022!

Picture of Adrienne Peltz Forge Gone Conclusions

Featured on FemFounder Stories!

We had the honor of being featured on FemFounder Stories! FemFounder’s mission is to help “women entrepreneurs plan, launch, and scale their businesses.” Starting a business isn’t the easiest thing to do. It requires knowledge of a lot of different areas as well as the motivation to do so. And as mentioned in the article, … More Featured on FemFounder Stories!

Picture of a jeweler that is playing with metal and creating sparks

Syracuse Maker Faire

Meet Us at the Syracuse Maker Faire!!! Although this isn’t happening until April, we couldn’t hold in our excitement that long! We will be exhibiting at the Syracuse Maker Faire on April 2, 2022 from 10am-4pm at Onondaga Community College. The good part about telling you about it now is that they have Early Bird … More Syracuse Maker Faire

Do gemstones melt - this shows a picture of a melted stone that was supposed to be sapphire, but wasn't

Do Gemstones Melt?

Do Gemstones Melt? “Umm, yes… the stone just melted.” That isn’t exactly the words you want to hear when you are working on a project. So, let’s back up. We were doing a test project with some stones that were from Esty.They were given to us just to play around with. The person had them along with … More Do Gemstones Melt?

Blaze Chicago Field Museum

In order for this story to make any sense, you first have to understand what is Blaze Chicago Field Museum. Playing off the idea of fire, Blaze is this magnificent piece of jewelry housed in the Field Museum in Chicago. It “features a 97.45 carat ruby topaz gem set in rose gold and surrounded with three-dimensional gold … More Blaze Chicago Field Museum

What is the difference between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry?

A popular question is what is the difference between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry? Fashion jewelry Fashion jewelry may also be referred to as costume jewelry. Fashion jewelry is typically made with cheaper materials such as brass, copper, fabric, beads, etc. Colorful and large pins often come to mind immediately as fashion jewelry because of … More What is the difference between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry?

Logo that says Bespoke Art & Craftsmanship

Artisan Summit Recap

What a week it was last week and we are going to do a quick artisan summit recap for you! For those of you who may not know, we put on the Bespoke Art and Craftsmanship Summit! We went behind the scenes into their studios to show you how they make their crafts and also … More Artisan Summit Recap

How to Get Custom Made Jewelry

Today, we are going to explain our process on how to get custom made jewelry. This will detail what you can expect at each stage of the process when working with us. First Stage – Defining the Style In order to create the custom jewelry piece, it is important to understand the style that the … More How to Get Custom Made Jewelry

Artisans Summit – Moon Rabbit Press

This post is features one of our participants for the upcoming Artisans Summit – Moon Rabbit Press. It also relates how we had sighted the “rabbit in the moon” twice this week.” This is extremely surprising because I don’t remember hearing about a rabbit in the moon before. The most I knew about the moon … More Artisans Summit – Moon Rabbit Press

Forge Gone Conclusions Featured in the Syracuse Women’s Magazine!

For the September 2021 issue, Forge Gone Conclusions was featured in the Syracuse Women’s Magazine! This magazine features different women in the Syracuse area and is targeted towards professional community minded women. Specifically, we were featured under the WISE business center which is a business centered devoted to helping women succeed. Honestly, I can’t say … More Forge Gone Conclusions Featured in the Syracuse Women’s Magazine!

Picture of a fairgrounds with rides and tents and a balloon for Gems of the Fair

The Gems of the State Fair

For two years, we haven’t been able to attend the New York State Fair. So, instead, we will pay tribute by highlighting the “Gems of the State Fair.” The “Garnets” Garnets are plentiful and inexpensive. As a result, the winner for this category is the Dairy Building at the fair. Just like garnets, the dairy … More The Gems of the State Fair

How Custom Jewelry is Made - Picture of a hand torch heating a ring and a picture of molten metal being poured into a mold

How Custom Jewelry is Made

There are different ways to explain how custom jewelry is made. We are going to cover two major categories today – hand-forming vs casting. Hand-forming At Forge Gone Conclusions, we typically hand-form all our pieces. This involves taking bar stock or wire and shaping it into different formations. This could be settings, bridge work, embellishments, … More How Custom Jewelry is Made

Picture of a custom engagement ring that has green emeralds and a white moisannite stone

A Custom Engagement Ring

The sky was overcast, but our spirits were soaring. Walking into the baseball stadium, we knew there was going to be a proposal that night with our custom engagement ring, but we didn’t know exactly when. Watching a baseball game is extremely challenging when you know that a proposal will happen. You miss parts of … More A Custom Engagement Ring

Picture of a Computer with the Words Custom Made on it

Where to Buy Custom Jewelry

If you are looking for where to buy custom jewelry, you have come to the right place! Although we are based in the Skaneateles, NY / Auburn, NY / Syracuse, NY area, we can help people throughout the United States! There are many outlets to by custom jewelry. On-line One of the easiest ways to … More Where to Buy Custom Jewelry

How Much Is Custom Jewelry?

One of our more frequent questions we get asked is “How much is custom jewelry?” We wrote a previous blog post about what makes jewelry expensive, but this blog post will go into our different price levels. For a summary of the price levels, click here. Sterling Silver Sterling Silver as a metal is relatively … More How Much Is Custom Jewelry?

Which Jewelry Does Not Tarnish?

When discussing which jewelry does not tarnish, one needs to look at composition of what the jewelry is made of. High Karat Gold Pure gold doesn’t tarnish, but most jewelry is not made of pure gold. Instead, most gold jewelry is made up of a combination of different metals. That combination is what makes the … More Which Jewelry Does Not Tarnish?

How Much Should a Gold Chain Cost?

We were recently asked “how much should a gold chain cost”? As with anything jewelry related, this is a very broad and general question that isn’t easy to answer without more specifics. In this case, it was a pretty “meaty” chain—one that was 26in length and 4mm thick. To put this in perspective, a decent … More How Much Should a Gold Chain Cost?

Jewelry Near Me

How important is it buy in person “jewelry near me”, especially in the day of the internet age? Advantages of shopping in person and on-line! … More Jewelry Near Me

Jewelry Prevention Tips

Today we are going to provide some “Jewelry Prevention Tips” to help you out! The follow are what to do when… My Ring is Stuck On My Finger! Don’t let it get to this point! Due to insurance and safety reasons, jewelers do not have the ability to remove rings!Prevention Step 1 – Remove rings daily … More Jewelry Prevention Tips

Dancing In the Rain!

It was a cold rainy day as I went to our local cafe (Good Eats) to grab a copy of Skaneateles Life, but my spirits were sunny. As I walked down the deserted streets of Skaneateles, I felt like Gene Kelly as he danced down the streets in the musical “Singing in the Rain.” Why? … More Dancing In the Rain!


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