Forged For You

Want to learn more about our Custom Jewelry Design Process?

You have come to the right place!

We create each custom jewelry piece in our Skaneateles NY shop (outside Syracuse NY) but serve clients across the US.

Our Process

1. Forge Relationship

We want to help make this piece of jewelry extra special and in order to do so, we need to know more about you and your recipient. We start off with a complementary discovery session to go through the following list of questions so that we know which direction to best serve you.


  • What is the recipient’s favorite color?
  • What shapes does the recipient like the most?
  • Is there a particular jewelry style that the recipient likes?
  • Can you send pictures of the recipient’s favorite pieces?
  • Does the recipient have jewelry that you would be seeking to add to and complement? If so, can you send us a picture?
  • Do you have a design or motif in mind? If so, can you send us a picture or a sketch?
  • Does the recipient have any allergies to metals we should know about?
  • Are there particular birthstone or gemstones that you want included in this piece?
  • What type of metal are you looking to have this made out of?
  • Is there a time you would like this piece completed by?
  • Do you have a max budget we should know about?

We also have a list of helpful guides that can help you understand some common jewelry terms, traditional stones for birthdays/anniversaries, and our pricing guide. Click here for more details.

After we have an idea of what you are looking for, we will provide a sketch / sketches of what we have understood. If the sketch / sketches are acceptable, we will provide a formal proposal.

2. Forge Jewelry

Once the proposal is accepted, we will begin construction on the jewelry. The timeframe for this can vary considerably based on the sourcing of components and the number of jobs we are working from. Historically, the time has ranged from 2 weeks to 10 weeks. We will be able to tell you an approximate timeframe on the proposal. During this time, as appropriate, we will provide you updates.

3. Forge Memories

This is when you receive the completed piece in the mail and will be able to present it to your loved one. It will be fully gift wrapped, all ready to go! We will also provide a customized video that shows how the piece was made. Your ideas and love went into this, and your recipient will be overjoyed to receive it!