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I am going to be upfront and honest – I personally get over 100 emails to my inbox daily.

Yet, every week or so, I sign up for another email list.

Why do I do this? For research purposes as well as to get leads on current events and to see what is happening in the world.

And after reading all these emails, I have learned a thing or two of how to stand out in one’s inbox.

There are a few email senders I am ADDICTED to and I can’t wait until the next one. But the majority of emails are super boring and get deleted UNLESS the subject line convinces me otherwise.

And so, my mission has been to be one of those email creators who are addicting. And the way I do that is by being transparent on what is happening in our business, bringing a sense of weird humor to many of the emails, and religiously emailing my list every Sunday at 6:30am EST. (No, I am not actually watching the clock- I am using the convenience of technology.)

So, for weekly humor / inspiration, it won’t cost you a thing – only a little bit of your time and your best email address. And over time, you will see how a business goes from being barely known to being known across the US (when we get there). And you will see what goes into being a business owner on a daily basis. Plus, it has a money-back guarantee with a free unsubscribe button at the bottom of each email.

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I know you have some reservations. So, here is an example of what types of emails you can expect from our list.

A Melted Stone
“Umm, the stone just melted.”

That isn’t exactly the words you want to hear when you are working on a project.

So, let’s back up.

We were doing a test project with some stones that were from Esty.
They were given to us just to play around with. The person had them along with a certification document that said they were sapphires.

We were creating a proof of concept with these stones—an unusual design that one doesn’t see every day.

And things were going well, until the first one chipped.

“Weird” we thought. Sapphires don’t typically chip. But none the less, we moved forward.

At one point, we accidently dropped another one onto the tile floor and it chipped — “Really weird”.

But then when we were touching up one of the prongs with the torch and a stone started melting in front of our eyes, that is when we realized we had a much larger issue on our hands.

We jumped out of our chairs and realized that even though we had a document saying that they were sapphires, there was no way they were sapphires. Sapphires will still remain intact even when the metal around them starts to melt, and our metal wasn’t even affected, yet this “sapphire” was already melted.

When it was tested, the “sapphire” tested off the charts, which means it was probably made of glass or maybe had some plastic in it. Let’s just say it is hard to tell at that point.

Why are we telling you this?
1. Because it is a fun story for you (but maybe not for us having to deal with it at the time)
2. You can’t always trust what you buy from 3rd party vendors

(In case you are wondering, all our stones that we purchase are tracked and analyzed to make sure they are ethically sourced and they are what they say they are. We do this for sustainability reasons as well as to make sure we are delivering high quality products to you.

(Our stones are actually one step better because we also buy graded gemstones – which means they have been sorted the same way eggs are sorted by size—except the criteria for gemstones are for color and quality.))

So, if you want to see gemstones melt, get yourself some fake stones, a nice little fire, a bottle of beer and enjoy the show!

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Still on the fence? Ok, one more….

Reddit Post Celebrities!
We had an amazing surprise this week!
First Some Background…
For those not technically inclined, let me provide a little background. The results that are returned on your favorite search engine (google, bing, etc) don’t happen by chance. There is an algorithm that runs and determines where sites rank.
And as a “newer” site, it is harder to rank near the top. But, there are things you can do to influence those results.
One of those things are called “Backlinks.” The way backlinks work is that the more sites you can get to list your website, the better for your ranking. For example, if our website was listed on “The New York Times” website, it would help with the ranking of our page.
And as part of this, I have a report that is automatically generated that tells me which sites “” is listed on.
And Now Our Story Begins…
So, I was reading through the report and noticed this weird domain —
And my initial reaction was that it was some sort of spam website that decided to make us the target of malicious scheme.
But the weird part was that it provided a snippet from that website that stated – “used to work with Adrienne (Aric’s wife and business partner) Forge Gone Conclusions ; I think very highly of her and their jewelry” -which made it really intriguing. 

Especially since they spelled both our names correctly, which is not often the case!
So, throwing all caution to the wind, I decided to check it out.
And was shocked at what I found!!!
We had been mentioned three times in a thread about recommendations for custom jewelry!!!
Our fans – justjennaloo, Signs_FAST, and chapstickgrrrl all took time out of their day to give us a shout out in the thread!!!
And I only know the identity of one of those three users (Signs_FAST) because it is very close to a business called FASTSIGNS and I had met that individual during a networking event. But as for justjennaloo and chapstickgrrrl, their identities remain unknown at this point. Even so, I really appreciate the kind words they had posted about us and our business!!!
And it was definitely the highlight of the week because it is tangible proof we are starting to be known and recommended within our local community. And to me that means a ton because of all the hard work we have been doing to spread the word!
So, your challenge for this week- recommend a small, independent, hardworking business to someone else this week. It will not only help the inquiring person, but it will give an immense sense of reward and accomplishment to that business owner!!!

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Yep, this is the end.

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