We have created a variety of different pieces to serve both local customers (Skaneateles, NY / Syracuse, NY areas) as those that have looked for custom fine jewelry online. All of these pieces have unique stories, so feel free to browse our past work. We would love to work with you on your own special project to delight a loved one!

From Drawing to Reality

This is one of our rare pieces that we created to showcase our talents. This is currently available for sale. This inspiration behind this piece was the blues of the sky and the greens of a Vermont landscape. Stones were cluster together so that the colors complemented each other.

Stones used were Topaz, Aquamarine, Peridot, and Sapphire – all set in sterling silver.

Mother’s Day Present

A son wanted to give his mother a unique gift. This ring features a Cardinal that has a nest with the birthstones of the three family members underneath it. There is immense symbolism in this piece to represent the family and their love for each other and nature.

Birthday Jewelry Set

A loved one wanted to surprise his wife with a necklace and earring set. He was looking for an organic piece to reflect the region in which they lived. As a result, this piece focused on making leaves and using aquamarine stones (the birthstone for March). Settings were also hand-made.

Handmade Pendants

Want to surprise your family members with special holiday gifts? These were developed as part of a collection for holiday presents! One to a grandmother, and one to a mother, and two to in-laws. Each pendant was hand made out of sterling silver with different stones to represent each individual.


What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a unique jewelry piece? The pink ribbon was developed to commemorate a victory over breast cancer. This was made out of 14K Rose gold.

The porcupine quill earrings were a birthday present to bedazzle an already stunning wife.

Flowers only last a week or two, but why not celebrate Mother’s Day for many years by giving her a flower pendant? Something she can treasure always!


The ring with blue stones was a “just because” gift for a loved one. He wanted to surprise her and show her that love has no boundaries and is truly timeless.

The yellow rings were actually wedding band prototypes. These are unique because they are made out of brass with enamel to show proof of concept.

The ring with clear stones– that was another surprise gift to show one’s love for this gal.

Gems and Components

Sometimes, it is the individual that wants a to treat herself! These purple stones were sitting (neglected) in a jewelry box just waiting to see the light. We were commissioned to fashion them into a pendant and earrings– and she was delighted!


We don’t do many repairs, but this was too stunning to keep hidden. This sterling silver ring was in rough shape when purchased from a second hand store. The ring was missing stones and prongs and was darkened with oxide. In its new life, the Amber ring shines brightly as a dress ring.