From Drawing to Reality

Drawing stones can help people see what the finished product will look like. In this case, the fine jewelry with gemstones was sketched and the pieces were fabricated.

Stones were cluster together so that the colors complemented each other.

Stones used were Topaz, Aquamarine, Peridot, and Sapphire – all set in sterling silver.

Birthday Jewelry Set

Often the start of a piece begins with a concept drawing. The main design features were floral inspired and incorporated aquamarine.

This project focused on making the leaves and giving them life. Lines were cut from the center and a satin finish was added. By layering the leaves, it gave the piece more depth.

Hand-made settings hold two round and one pear aquamarine, which is the birthstone for March.

Handmade Pendants

These are some examples of different fine jewelry with gemstones that were presented as gifts. Each pendant was handmade out of sterling silver. The metal was formed, bent, cut, and soldered.

Each stone is different and many different setting styles can be made. The shapes of the stones allow for round or V shaped prongs and the princess cut stones look great in channels.


Some shapes like the Pink Ribbon were created by heating and hammering 14K Rose gold to give it an organic form.

Setting stones in different ways gives each jewelry piece its own feel.

Sometimes different materials such as porcupine quills can create something unexpected.


Rings say alot about a person and what they are trying to express. Our hands are expressive in our communication and rings add to that language.

The square blue topaz in the top ring are set in a channel.

The two yellow bands were made from brass as test pieces with a hammered finish. Metal was removed to create a space for enamel.

The bottom ring is silver and features ~1.15mm stones set in split prongs (.0075ct/each). The process involves marking out where the stones go, removing metal to fit the stones and securing them by cutting the metal to make a prong.

Gems and Components

We received a handful of stones and was asked to make a pair of earrings and a pendant.

The color of the stones were light purple we wanted to bring the color out and try to frame the stones.

A satin finish makes the polished areas more noticeable.


This sterling silver ring features an amber as its center stone. It was in rough shape when it was purchased from a second hand store. The ring was missing stones and prongs, and was darkened with oxide, but with work, it was refurbished.

In its new life, the Amber ring shines brightly as a dress ring.