Pricing Guidelines

Let’s face it- the price of jewelry in the marketplace ranges drastically and the terms are endless- gold filled, gold plated, solid gold, imitation stones, genuine stones, etc. No wonder everyone is confused! And as a result, people are always wondering how much does custom jewelry cost?

It is a fact though – all those confusing terms have significant impacts on the final price of a piece. Through a complementary design session, we will work with you to understand your dream piece and will put together a complementary proposal of what that looks like. That proposal will have details of what you can expect as a finished piece. It is only at the proposal stage as to when we will have clarity as to the actual cost.

What We Can Guarantee

  • We will clearly define every term we use so you know what you are looking at
  • We handmake all our pieces in the United States
  • Our primary raw material supplier is committed to ethical sourcing of stones and utilizing reclaimed metal
  • The majority of our stones are often graded for quality (which you don’t often see in the marketplace)
  • We provide a detailed written proposal before any work is started to make sure you know exactly what you are getting

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