Through the years, we have helped people with various jewelry projects. Below are some of the reviews of Forge Gone Conclusions and our work from our clients!

Double helix pendant necklace created with October birthstones

From Sierra

“I received an original Forge Gone Conclusions necklace design as a gift last year. Aric thoughtfully designed a piece that included both versions of my birthstone set within a two-tone metal. The double-helix style pendant is very sturdy, and I have received many compliments on this unique piece.”

Drop necklace of 3 white pearls

From Phyllis

“We had bought our granddaughter pearls for her birthday and Christmas with the intent of making her a full pearl necklace, but along down the road, we stopped and had these few pearls. I mentioned this to Aric and he drew me a sketch of what he could do and I loved it. My granddaughter was thrilled when I gave it to her as a keepsake from both grandmothers, which she can pass down to her daughter.”

Silver earrings and necklace set with aquamarine birthstones made to look like silver leaves

From Thomas

“I recently commissioned artist Aric to fashion an earring and pendent set for my wife’s birthday. The result was stunning in its beauty and simplicity. Aric’s design consisted of my wife’s aquamarine birthstone nestled in a bed of silver leaves. The perfect complement to where we live on the Tug Hill in a cabin we’ve named “Tree Top”. Thanks Aric. Job well done!”

Review of a Forge Gone Conclusions original design. It is a silver and rose gold necklace with a pink ribbon and white pearl for breast cancer awareness

From Melanie

“As any survivor of Breast Cancer can attest, it is both a deeply personal and a challenging experience. You are constantly reminded the unfortunately all too frequent group you now belong. When my husband presented me with a necklace Forge Gone Conclusions designed and crafted for me, I was touched by the detail-not just the handiwork which is exquisite but the thought behind the design. A design that is about life and overcoming adversity. Not just a plain static breast cancer awareness ribbon but something much more. It reminded me of an organic moving piece…moving past adversity. Moving forward…moving to the future. I love the design and the thought that went into it. I strongly recommend having something more than metal crafted by Forge Gone Conclusions-a reflection of who you are, where you have been, and where you are going.”

Review of an original design of Forge Gone Conclusions earrings. Porcupine quill earrings that have orange garnet and gold

From Bruce

““Desert Maiden” a gift for my wife Maryjane, to present on a clear moonlit night in early Summer. A custom designed earring set; beautiful, elegant, well crafted orange garnet birthstone in gold frame setting, accented with 5 dangling porcupine quills and suspended from french hangers, gives this marvelous swaying ear adornment an enchanted, like a Native American mystical South Western appeal!”.”

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