Cluster Earrings Blue

This pair of earrings is one of our sample pieces. If you find us showcasing our work at an event, we typically have them there. They are a stunning pair of cluster earrings blue that features five different stone types. All the settings were handmade, including the earring backs. They just make us smile because of all the different colors that are in these earrings. We can easily make a variation on this in any color scheme you would be interested in!



$600 – $900 for Sterling Silver

All our pieces are custom made to order in the USA.


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Cluster Earrings Blue Green 



-Genuine Swiss Blue Topaz – 6×4 mm pear, faceted, grade AA

-Genuine London Blue Topaz – 6×4 mm pear, faceted, grade AA

-Genuine Aquamarine – 3 mm round, faceted, grade A

-Genuine Peridot – 3 mm round, faceted, grade AA

-Lab create Blue Sapphire – 6×4 mm oval, faceted



Sterling silver alloy (925, nickel-free) that is tarnish resistant and maintains a bright white color and SCS certified for 100% recycled metal


Birthdays / Zodiac / Anniversaries

Birthdays: March (Aquamarine), August (Peridot), December (Topaz)

Anniversaries: 4th, 19th (Topaz); 16th, 18th, 19th (Aquamarine); 1st, 16th (Peridot); 5th, 45th (Sapphire)

Zodiac: Aquarius (Sapphire); Scorpio (Aquamarine); Libra (Peridot)


Watch How We Made This Piece!

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