Ribbon Necklace Sterling Silver with Hearts

When we were just getting started producing our own designs, we created a few different sketches and asked our email list which designed they liked the best. Each of those designs featured hearts. This was the one one that was selected. We decided to honor it with the “Hearts of Love” Award. We chose to use two different colors for the hearts – one yellow heart (citrine) and one blue heart (lab sapphire) and put them on a sterling silver ribbon.



$100 – $300 for Sterling Silver and similar stones

All our pieces are custom made to order in the USA.

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Ribbon Necklace Sterling Silver with Hearts (Citrine and Sapphire)


-Genuine Citrine – 5 mm, Heart, Faceted, grade A

-Lab Created Blue Sapphire – 5 mm, Heart, Faceted


Metal – Made out of Sterling Silver (925), SCS certified for 100% recycled metal

Necklace – Adjustable 16″ / 18″ with lobster clasp

Approximate Size – 1″ x 1″


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays: September (Blue Sapphire); November (Citrine)

Anniversaries: 5th, 10th, 45th (Blue Sapphire); 11th, 13th (Citrine)

Zodiac: Aquarius (Sapphire); Gemini (Citrine)


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