Triquetra Ruby Necklace – Gold

This is one of our most popular requested pieces- the triquetra design. The triquetra design has a lot of symbolism and is often associated with things of three such as past, present, future; life, death, rebirth; earth, fire, water; etc. For this custom creation, it was requested to make a triquetra ruby necklace that also has an opal to signify the birthstones of the children in the family. It was a surprise gift to his wife to show his love for his family.



$1500 – $2000 for 10K and the stones listed below

$2500 – $3000 for 14K and the stones listed below

All our pieces are custom made to order in the USA.


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Triquetra Ruby Necklace with Opal and 14K Gold



– White Opal, Grade A, 5x3mm

– Ruby, Grade A, 5x3mm


Metal Shown– 14K Rose and White Gold, SCS certified for 100% recycled metal

Overall Size – Approximately 1 inch

Necklace – Adjustable 16″ / 18″ solid white gold box chain with lobster clasp


Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays: July and October


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