The Importance of Relationships

“Forging Relationships”

A single phone call– how many lives can you impact with one? We found out the importance of relationships when we were Christmas shopping this year.

Here at Forge Gone Conclusions, we were looking for a Christmas present for relatives we weren’t going to be able to see this year for the holidays. The options for presents were endless- big box stores, on-line retailers, gift cards, cash, handmade presents, etc. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. And with all the options, we chose to make a single phone call that would prove to make a world of difference to many people. 

We chose to call Badger Brook Meats ( – “A 298-acre certified organic farm in Danville, Vermont, offering beef, pork and lamb meat products for sale.” We chose to call them mainly out of convenience (because they are minutes away from the recipients house), but what transpired became something much more magical.

Not only did Deb take the absolute best care of us, she went above and beyond to create a gift that our recipients would love. She even surprised us by packaging the items and putting a cute handmade card with it.

But the magic didn’t stop there, when she delivered it, she and the recipients connected and spent 30 minutes learning about each other and became better neighbors.

Picture of two gift bags and a Christmas Card to support the importance of relationships.
So What Was The Overall Impact?
  1. We forged a relationship with Badger Brook Meats and supported a local business that is making a difference in their part of the world.
  2. Badger Brook Meats and the Recipients had the opportunity to meet each other and strengthen community bonds.
  3. The Recipients were overjoyed to have some wonderful meals despite the circumstances for the holidays.
  4. As a team, we were all supporting sustainable and organic farming practices to help preserve our natural environment.
  5. We truly are inspired by the importance of relationships when working with others.

At least 7 people were directly affected by this one phone call between all the people involved, but when one starts thinking about the potential number of indirect people affected, the number can go much higher- whether it is the supplier of the tissue paper for the gift wrapping, or the resulting actions of the recipients energized by the food, or the use of the income by Badger Brook Meats, etc.

“Forging Relationships”

This single call forged so many relationships and made so many people happy for the holidays. And this is the type of impact we want to have with our customers here at Forge Gone Conclusions. From a single phone call, we not only want to delight, but we want to spread a wave of happiness to others.

So for 2021- we challenge you, what phone call are you going to make that is going to make a world of difference in someone’s life?

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